Camper usage and precautions

  1. Since campers are vulnerable to crosswinds, it is best to drive at 80km/h even on highways.
  2. Campers are taller than regular cars, and it is common for accidents to damage the top of the vehicle. Be sure to use great caution. Furthermore, please avoid multistory parking lots.
  3. It is very dangerous to hold a cell phone or smartphone in your hand and make calls and write emails while driving. Please stop the vehicle in a safe place and then use your device.
  4. Beware of parking violations. Illegal parking is subject to fines. Since illegal parking is a cause of accidents and parking jams, please make sure to park in a parking lot.
  5. Due to the danger of a curtain or something else catching fire, fires and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  6. When staying in the vehicle at a service area, parking area, Roadside Station, etc., please mind your manners.
  7. It is very dangerous while driving. Please do not do it under any circumstances.

Unforeseen circumstances

Campers are special vehicles, and they may not be rentable on the scheduled date of rental.
In that case, we will refund you the full amount stipulated in the contract. However, we do not assume liability for cancellation fees for any other damages (such as campground and hotel reservations) or penalty fees.